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Education anywhere and everywhere is the primary motto behind this application. Students can come to the platform to donate educational resources as well as request them. For anyone who wants to share books or ask for one, Lucento provides easy access to every such activity.

How it works?

The application has two main components: Donate book and Request book. The user creates his/her profile and can search for the book they are looking for from the list, if found connect or drop a request. One can donate a book by filling up the book details and adding it to the donate section provided for every user. Chat support is also provided, this application can be used for any educational institute or just for anyone looking for resources to learn and educate.

Technologies Used

  • Flutter
  • NodeJS - Express
  • MongoDB
  • Heroku



  1. Create your account
  2. Post details about book you want to donate
  3. Request book
  4. Track of both the section, and chat with others

Donate book

  1. User can view books people are donating
  2. User can upload details for book he/she wants to share.

Request book

  1. User can search for book from the database
  2. user can request for a certain book



1.1 Splash Screens

splash splash2 splash3

1.2 Create account and login

create acc login acc user acc

1.3 Donate and request section

donate request request list

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