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Eventomatic is an application which uses QR code technology for authentication and maintaining history of attendees, and providing all the event details such as schedules, location and accommodation. It also has an organizers module, giving administrative support for the organizing team.

How it works?

There are two applications:

  1. For Attendees: Attendees can login via their QR codes and access all the event details such as schedule, event specific information, accommodation facilities, connect to the support team and use their profiles for posting images and feedback.

  2. For Volunteers: Organizing team would mark the presence of attendees and the utilises used by scanning the QR codes. Also, they have access to all the administrative features which makes it hassle free and easier than the orthodox event handling practices.

Technologies Used

  • Flutter
  • NodeJS - Express
  • MongoDB
  • Heroku


Attendee Module

  1. Login with QR Code
  2. Access to information of event and schedules
  3. Allow attendees to post images and feedback
  4. Attendee support

Volunteer Module

  1. Authentication via email, password
  2. Manage profile
  3. Scan QR Code of attendees and mark the presence for the selected utility
  4. Access of valid attendee list


1.1 Volunteer App: Authentication

Login Profile

1.2 Volunteer App: Marking presence for the utility by scanning the QR Code

Utility list QR Scanner create post

2.1 Attendee App: Authentication

login QR camera

2.2 Attendee App: Profile and Event details

Event Details profile Schedule

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