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LCO Home Workout is an application developed with a generous motive to help people with workout routines, organizing, and keeping a track of their regime. The sole purpose is to provide an easy-to-use, simple and efficient application for the personal development of users. Set your goal and work with us to achieve them.

How it works?

Decide upon your goals depending upon your daily schedules and long-term results. The user can select the range of exercises they would like to do on a daily basis or the application can provide a routine for them. For this, there are two variants: the random exercise and day-wise exercise mode. It also adds to the user experience by including timely breaks, music, and a description of the exercises.

Technologies Used


  1. Select the intensity of workout by reps
  2. Select the mode you want (random or day wise)
  3. Description of exercises
  4. Timely mannered routine with breaks
  5. Music for entertainment and marking the time of exercise you perform
  6. Reach and pixel perfect UI development



1.1 Splash screen and goal

Splash Goal

1.2 Select mode

Select mode Select mode

1.3 Exercises based on mode and routine

random mode exercise timer

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